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Call for ITE SF Bay Area Section Officers, 2017-2018

Want to get more involved with the ITE San Francisco Bay Area Section? Consider running for an elected officer position! To participate, candidates must fill out and follow instructions on the nomination form available on the SF Bay Area ITE website. Nominations and candidate statements are due on Friday, April 28th by 5 PM. For more information about the duties of the Section officers’ positions, visit the SF Bay Area ITE website or contact the Section’s Vice President, Bhanu Kala at KalaBP@CDMSmith.com.

Nomination and candidate statements form here.

SF Bay Area ITE/ITS CA Joint Transportation Workshop: Connected Vehicle Technologies & Automated Driving

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority
One South Van Ness Avenue
2nd Floor Atrium
San Francisco, CA 94103

The San Francisco Bay Area ITE and ITS CA will jointly host a transportation workshop on Connected Vehicle Technologies and Automated Driving.

The objectives of this seminar are to show the trends of the connected vehicles technologies and automated driving; innovative transportation improvement methodologies and analytic tools for our decision makers, engineers and planners; how these tools can be applied to transportation planning and engineering projects; and what impacts these technologies are likely to have on travel demands, transportation planning and traffic engineering.

Some benefits, such as independent mobility for affluent non-drivers, may begin in the 2020s or 2030s, but most impacts, including reduced traffic and parking congestion, independent mobility for low-income people and aging population (and therefore reduced need to subsidize transit), increased safety, energy conservation and pollution reductions, will only be significant when automated vehicles become common and affordable, probably in the 2040s, and some benefits may require prohibiting human-driven vehicles on certain roadways. Real applications from around the world, as well as from California, will be presented in this workshop.

This year, speakers will be representatives from international transportation technology companies, connected and automated vehicle industry, ITS industries, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Valley Transportation Authority, and many others who will talk about the current exciting technology development status, on-line and time-dependent transportation models, land use models linked to the transportation models, traffic control systems, and the traffic data collection technologies. This is the first time that this workshop aims at the technology developments from many transportation data industries and automobile companies, and their implications to the ITE community.

More information and registration here.
See also: event flyer (PDF).