ITS Joint Annual Workshop “Big Data for Automated Driving Technology, Transportation Planning, and Engineering”

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Update: Presentation Slides as of 5/6/2019

SF ITE Workshop 2019

How State and Local Governments Can Prepare for and Cope with Autonomous Vehicles – Inrix

Big Data in AC Transit – Ahsan Baig of Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Integrated Corridor Management Systems: Impacts of Data Quality on Decision-Making – Dr. Francois Dion & Qijian Gan of UC Berkeley

GoMentum Station Program “Redefining Mobility” – Habib Shamskhou of GoMentum Station Inc.

Intersection as a Service, VantageLive! & iPeMS Solution – Joe Ciccarelli of Iteris

AAA V2X Signal Lab – AAA

Big Data Across Modes – Mike Wallace of Fehr & Peers

Big Data in Multimodal Trip Planning – Frank Kopas of Moovit

The New SMART CITY – TrafficCast

IoT Traffic Signal –




Following the great success of our 10th Annual San Francisco Bay Area ITE/ITS-CA Transportation Workshops last year, with participants gathered from around the world, the San Francisco Bay Area ITE and ITS CA will host 2019 Annual Transportation Workshop, 11th SF Bay Area ITE  Annual  Workshop on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). Our theme this year is “Big Data Applications for Automated Driving Technology, Transportation Planning, and Engineering”. The objectives of this workshop are to show the trends of the freight and household travel big data technology, big data applications and methods, traffic controls-connected vehicles technologies and automated driving, big data sensors, innovative transportation improvement methodologies and analytic tools to our decision makers, traffic engineers and transportation planners; how these tools can be applied to transportation planning and engineering projects; and what impacts these technologies are likely to have on travel demands, automated driving and investments on transportation infrastructure. Some benefits and pain points in the use of big data analytics for transportation projects will be discussed.

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