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July 22, 2019
RFP – ACTC Professional Services for Mulitmodal Performance Monitoring of the Alameda County Transportation Network

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) invites you to submit a proposal to provide professional services for Alameda CTC for the Multimodal Performance Monitoring of the Alameda County Transportation Network. The anticipated performance period is for an initial period of 12 months from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 with an option for an additional monitoring cycle for calendar year 2022 (through December 31, 2022).

The optional Pre-Proposal Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 22, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

Proposals are due on Thursday, August 8, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. PT.

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November 19, 2017
Hear and Steer with Lime!
Come hear about shared micromobility, technology, and it’s role in the transportation system. Lime will be presenting on the latest topics and will be letting us try out their scooters!

More details and registration here

July 13, 2017
Transportation Equity Program, Policy and Implementation
Introduction Presentation
Tracey Lin, SFMTA: “Muni Equity Strategy” – Presentation
Vikrant Sood, MTC: Presentation
Ryan Russo, City of Oakland DOT: Presentation

December 20, 2017
Holiday Happy Hour and White Elephant Gift Exchange
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Meeting Annoucement

July 13, 2017
Adaptive Signal System
Linda Lee, MTC: “Implementing Adaptive Signal Systems in the Bay Area”
Kevin Fehon, MTC: “Using Systems Engineering to Select the Right Adaptive Signal System”
Joy Bhattacharya, MTC: “Adaptive System Evaluation for Pershing Avenue, Stockton”
Meeting Announcement

November 17, 2016
Multimodal Mobility Across Dumbarton Corridor
Melissa Reggiardo, Samtrans: “Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study” – Presentation
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October 20, 2016
Future Direction of Transportation in San Francisco
Andrew Heidel, SFCTA: “Freeway Management in San Francisco – Challenges and Opportunities” – Presentation
Manoj Madhavan and Wade Wietgrefe, SF Planning Department: “How San Francisco Switched from LOS to VMT” – Presentation

May 19, 2016
The Future of Shared Mobility
Josh Peterman, Fehr & Peers: “Thoughts on Technology Trends vs. Travel Behavior” – Presentation
Elliot W. Martin, Transportation Sustainability Research Center (U.C. Berkeley): “Shared Mobility: Developments and Impacts” – Presentation
Regina Clewlow, RideScout, “Enabling Seamless Mobility through Integrated Transit and Shared Services” – Presentation
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Meeting Announcement

November 19, 2015
Arterial Programs in the Bay Area
David Man, Caltrans: “Away from Isolation: Caltrans Arterial Management – Presentation
Linda Lee, MTC: “MTC’s Arterial Operations Program: Past, Present, Future” – Presentation
Saravana Suthanthira, ACTC, “Alameda Countywide Multimodal Arterial Plan” – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

October 15, 2015
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) – An Update
Paul Medved, BART: “BART Warm Springs Extension – Project Update” – Presentation
Hans Larsen, City of Fremont: “Fremont’s Hot Plans for Warm Springs” – Presentation
Aaron Weinstein, BART: “BART Fleet of the Future – Design and Public Outreach” – Presentation

September 17, 2015
Bay Area Traffic – How Good (Or Bad) Is It?
Cathy Leong, ITE Western District President and Wilson Okamoto Corporation: “What’s Up in the West” – Presentation
Dave Vautin and Kristen Carnarius, MTC: “MTC’s Vital Signs Performance Monitoring Initiative: Taking the Pulse of the Bay Area” – Presentation
Winnie Chung, MTC: “Bay Area’s Most Congested Freeway Segments” – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

April 16, 2015
Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Melissa Ruhl, San Jose State University: Student Paper Competition Grand Prize Winner Autonomous Vehicles: How It Rolls Out – Presentation
Virginia Lingham, MTC: Make No Little Plans! Think BIG for Connected Vehicle Deployments – Presentation
Jim Misener, Qualcomm: Car Connectivity Coming Soon: When does it happen and what happens to transportation? – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

March 19, 2015
Big Data and Visualization
Matt Goyne, Fehr and Peers, Mixed-Use Development (MXD) Trip Generation and Visualization – Presentation
Dan Howard, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Scenario-Based Transit Map – Presentation
Beaudry Kock, RideScout, Role of Big Data in Delivering Seamless Multimodal Mobility

February 19, 2015
Connectivity and Mobility
Sandra Lennie, Iteris, Big Data and Congestion Management in the Bay Area – Presentation
Heath Maddox, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Bay Area Bike Share
Jason Weinstein, RideScout, Role of Big Data in Delivering Seamless Multimodal Mobility
Meeting Announcement

January 22, 2015
ITE Annual Awards & Bring a Colleague Month
Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Chris D. Kinzel, Vice President, TJKM Transportation Consultants
Presentation of the Annual Awards and Professional of the Year – Michelle DeRobertis
Project of the Year – Cesar Chavez Streetscape Project in San Francisco (followed by a presentation by Mike Sallaberry, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency)
Meeting Announcement

November 20, 2014
Express Lanes and Transportation Funding
Peter Lee, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Bay Area Express Lanes – Presentation
Ken Kirkey, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Plan Bay Area – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

October 16, 2014
NACTO in the Bay Area
Paul Supawanich, Nelson\Nygaard, The NACTO Urban Design Guide: Street Design Guidelines – By Cities, For Cities – Presentation
Beth Thomas, Caltrans District 4, Caltrans Endorsement of NACTO Guidance – Presentation
Jamie Parks, City of Oakland, NACTO and Placemaking on Telegraph Avenue – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

September 18, 2014
Future Framework for Transportation in California
Carlos Ortiz, RBF Consulting, Countywide CCTV Interoperability Project, Orange County, CA – Presentation
Michelle DeRobertis, Transportation Choice for Sustainable Communities, Leveling the Playing Field for Sustainable Transportation – Presentation
Rebecca Long, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Cap and Trade in California – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

June 19, 2014
Transportation Impact of Bay Area Sports Venues
Sarah Syed, VTA, VTA’s Transit Plan for Levi’s Stadium
Peter Albert (SFMTA), Erin Miller (SFMTA) and Duncan Watry (BART), Transit Planning for Large Event Venues – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

May 22, 2014
Electrification of Caltrain
Marian Lee, Executive Officer, Caltrain Modernization Program
Meeting Announcement

April 17, 2014
Innovative Data Collection Methodologies and 2014 Student Paper Award
Emma Reed, San Jose State University, Student Paper Competition Grand Prize Recipient. Infill Development: Transforming a Decaying Site in the Middle of a Rural Town—A Case Study of Portola Valley, California – Presentation
Ted Sumers, Automatic, Assessing Driving Patterns to Influence Driver Behavior
Nikki Foletta, Fehr and Peers, Using Automated Data Collection to Make Better Transportation Planning Decisions – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

March 20, 2014
Connected and Automated Vehicles – An Update
Donald Shupp, Western Pacific Signal, Infrastructure Treatments and Preparation to Ready Arterials for Connected Vehicles – Presentation
Jim Misener, Consultant, Automation is in the Eye of the Beholder: How It Might Be Viewed by the Traffic Engineer – Presentation
Michael Maile, Mercedes Benz R&D, V2V and V2I Based Safety Applications – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

February 20, 2014
Bay Area Bike Share
Heath Maddox, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Bike Share Service Area and Station Location Planning in San Francisco – Presentation
Renee Rivera, East Bay Bike Coalition, Bringing Bike Share to the East Bay – Presentation
Kansas Waugh, Alta Bicycle Share, Inc., Bike Share in America: Management and Operations Experience – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

November 14, 2013
Multi-Modal Grants and Funding
Sean Co, MTC, Quantifying the Physical Activity Benefits of Transportation Investments – Presentation
Beth Thomas and Becky Frank, Caltrans, Implementation of Plan Bay Area: Availability of State Transportation Grants for Planning, Design, and Construction Projects – Presentation
Eduardo Serafin, UC Berkeley Tech Transfer, Pedestrian/Bicycling/Traffic Safety Assessments for California Communities – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

October 17, 2013
Bus Rapid Transit
Chester Fung and Andrew Lee, SFCTA and SFMTA (respectively), The Geary Bus Rapid Transit Project – Presentation
David Wilkins, Mitra Moheb, and Rama Pochiraju, AC Transit, AC Transit—East Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project – Presentation
Jody Littlehales, VTA, BRT in Santa Clara County – Presentation
Meeting Announcement

September 19, 2013
Transportation Data and Expert Witnesses
Rob Hranac and Daphne Dethier, Iteris, Big Data for Transportation – Presentation
Karen Aspelin, Wilson & Company, ITE’s Western District Student Data Collection Program – Presentation
Dalene Whitlock, W-Trans, So You Want to Be an Expert?-An ITE Program – Presentation
Meeting Announcement