Elected Officer Descriptions & Duties


The President is in charge of setting the organizations priorities and overseeing board members. Specific duties include:

  • Moderating Board meetings and other discussion forums
  • Establishing Board meeting agendas
  • Identifying candidates for non-elected Board member positions
  • Overseeing participation and work by Board members


The Vice-President is in charge of developing and implementing lunch meeting topics. Specific duties include:

  • Participating in all Board meetings and decision making forums
  • Working with the Board to develop topics of interest for lunch meetings
  • Collaborating with other professional organizations to co-host lunch meetings
  • Organizing venues, menus, and presenters for lunch meetings
  • Developing lunch meeting announcements


The Treasurer is in charge of the money and producing the Annual Report. Specific duties include:

  • Interfacing with ITE’s financial institution
  • Participating in all Board meetings and decision making forums
  • Developing quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Issuing reimbursements and tracking budgets
  • Leading lunch and technical meeting registrations
  • Maintaining meeting attendance records
  • Creating the Annual Report
  • Maintaining electronic and hard file archives of financial-related matters


The Secretary is in charge of the membership files, communication with the membership and ITE headquarters, and maintaining electronic and hard file archives. Specific duties include:

  • Notifying ITE headquarters of changes to the Board contact info
  • Participating in and taking minutes at all Board meetings
  • Obtaining monthly membership updates from ITE headquarters and maintaining membership files
  • Developing and distributing a twice-monthly newsletter to send out to membership
  • Consolidating RSVP information for lunch meetings and technical meetings
  • Assisting the Treasurer at lunch and technical meeting registrations
  • Organizing elections, including candidate nominations and balloting process
  • Responding, as needed, to emails sent to and maintaining the email account
  • Maintaining electronic and hard file archives
  • Assisting the Treasurer with completing the Annual Report

Appointed Officer Positions & Duties

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