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Joint ITE / SBTOA November Meeting: Multimodal Mobility Across Dumbarton Corridor

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
SPASSO Ristorante and Wine Bar, San Carlos

Join the Joint ITE/SBTOA Lunch Meeting in November to find out more about the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study, which would identify short- and long-term strategies that reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility between Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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2016 Annual Recognition Awards – Nomination Info

The nomination period for the SF Bay ITE 2016 Annual Recognition Awards is now open! It is time to celebrate successful projects from the past year and to recognize someone who is an outstanding transportation professional. Here is your chance to show your appreciation by nominating him/her for the Professional of the Year Award! Are you aware of an outstanding transportation project in our region? You may nominate that project for the Project of the Year Award!
Complete a brief nomination form and submit by Monday, November 14, 2016. For further information and nomination forms, please visit the Awards webpage.
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Call for Data-ITE Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition

ITE needs your help! We are taking two major steps forward regarding the upcoming 10th edition of the ITE Trip Generation Manual and your input is needed. For the first time, there will be the inclusion of an urban, people-based approach in this upcoming edition. The significance of this already valuable resource will increase by differentiating among data collected for urban, suburban, and rural sites. Where possible, it will provide vehicular and person trip generation data by travel mode. Data is needed to help expand this resource to include this valuable new information.
ITE is accepting trip generation data for all land-use types. Data are also needed for all types of mixed-use sites such as a multi-story apartment with 1st-floor commercial space or a convenience store, gas station, and fast-food restaurant combination. ITE also asks that you submit any data collected on pass-by and diverted trips and on trip length averages and distribution. These data will also be compiled, updated, and reported as conclusive findings are identified.
Data for this publication are being collected continually; however, to ensure data are considered for inclusion in the 10th edition of Trip Generation, please submit by December 15, 2016 to Lisa Fontana Tierney, ITE Traffic Engineering Senior Director, by email:
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UC Berkeley Expands Transportation Planning Training Series

For the academic year 2016-2017, Tech Transfer is expanding our Transportation Planning training series to include the hottest topics in professional practice today–including innovative bikeways, parking management, TODs, BRT planning, commercial site development, VMT analysis, and multimodal operations. Tech Transfer’s updated and recently expanded Transportation Planning training series addresses a critical need for professional development among the rank and file, as well as management levels, of public agencies throughout California (and beyond), those who are tasked with planning future land use development and/or programming future transportation investments. For further information, please contact Eduardo Serafin, Technical Program Manager, via email: or phone 510.375.3997.
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