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January ITE SF Bay Area Lunch Meeting- Bay Bridge Metering System Upgrade Project and HCM Updates

Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Peony Seafood Restaurant, Oakland

Welcome 2017! Join the SF Bay Area’s January 2017 Lunch Meeting to find out more about Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)’s recent updates and the Bay Bridge Metering System Upgrade project. The meeting will be held in Oakland on Thursday, January 19, 2017.

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S.F. Bay ITE 2017 Student Paper Award Contest

This year, students will have a choice from one of the below three topics:

1. Autonomous Vehicles and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
– The development of self driving, or autonomous, vehicles is accelerating. The impact of autonomous vehicles (AV) on our society will be significant. One potential impacted area is vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Will AV increase VMT? How can transportation engineers and planners do to minimize the impact? What role do governments have in minimizing the impact?

2. How Can VMT Be Evaluated Under SB 743?
– SB 743 has the potential to revolutionize environmental review in California. Besides delay and level of service (LOS), SB 743 will emphasize VMT. How can VMT be evaluated under SB 743? What will be the ripple effects for projects and cities?

3. Congestion Pricing on Bay Area Toll Bridges
– Vehicle congestion is getting worse on the Bay Area toll bridges and peak hours of congestion are lengthening. Does congestion pricing on Bay Area toll bridges have a role in lessening the crunch of traffic congestion? What opportunities and challenges do you foresee in implementing congestion pricing on Bay Area toll bridges?

Grand Prize: $1,500 Scholarship Award
Plus two additional scholarships:*
– $750 Undergraduate Student Paper Scholarship Award
– $750 Graduate Student Paper Scholarship Award

*The additional scholarships may not be awarded if not enough undergraduate or graduate students submit papers.

More information here.